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Launch a new product bundle from Olay through an event where irresistibly shareable interactive experiences highlight the benefits and science behind four new Olay products designed to help you face anything in your day - Whips, Mask, Eyes & Mist.


Influencers and press were invited to join Olay for their product launch, taking place within a trendy loft space sitting above The High Line in Chelsea Market. As visitors entered into the event, they were greeted through strategic branded touch points. A custom Olay entrance guided visitors to the champagne elevator bar, which delivered them up into the main event space. Once inside the main space, visitors were encouraged to explore the open floor plan and interact with the four one-of-a kind and highly sharable installations that directly connected to each of the four new products:

Whips — Attendees were prompted to walk across a clear platform concealed within a field of  beautiful white flowers. A bundle of Olay branded balloons were handed to the attendee to pose with, giving the visual impression that they were floating above the space into white fluffy clouds. Conceptually the installation nods to the light, airy fragrance-free quality of the Whips product.

Mist — A mist chamber created a spectacular rainbow of colorful mist for attendees to swivel through and pose in front of as they sprayed and tried on the calming and energizing Mist products.

Eyes — A beautiful and reactive light-up eye shaped mirror displayed empowering and inspirational words when attendees activated it by stepped up to take a selfie.

Mask — An oversized lite-brite-esque board with illuminated pegs made up of Mask product enticed people to play and pose.

In addition to the four installations, science tables lined the opposite side of the venue across from each scenic installations with a beautiful interactive display of the science behind it all. Each station was staffed with an Olay scientist to detail and answer any questions.

To kick off the event, 32-year-old female actor and comedian Sasheer Zamata performed a short stand-up routine to entertain the influencers and continue the through-line of the #FACEANYTHING narrative.

Watch the Olay #FACEANYTHING sizzle

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